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Average Lawn Mowing Price = $25.00  (Includes bagging grass & trimming) 

**note**  Most companies don't bag the grass when they are mowing your lawn. 

Aeration                                              =     $29.95

Fertilization                                         =     $29.95

Fertilization With Weed Killer               =     $39.95

Aeration & Fertilization                         =     $49.95

Power rake, Aeration & Fertilization      =     $109.95

Aeration & Overseed                            =     $89.95

Sprinkler Start-up                                =     $44.95  *up to 7 zones* 

Sprinkler Winterization                         =     $47.95  **up to 7 zones**

**Prices are good for up to 4000 sq ft of turf**

These specials are meant to cover about 90% of residential customers, meaning if you have an average size lawn, these prices are good for you!!!

Commercial pricing will vary depending on the size of the property.  We offer complete Lawn maintenance on Commercial properties.  Please call or email us to set up an apointment for a free estimate.